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Travel Clinic Form

Travel Clinic Form

Save time and fill out your consultation form online below before you arrive. Please note if you are having a course of vaccines, you only need fill out this from once, not every time you visit us. If this is a different trip, then please fill it out.

1. Personal details

2. Travel Itinerary

3. Reason for travel and type of accomodation – Please tick all that apply

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Accomodation Type

Yes Have you taken out travel insurance for this trip and if you have a Medical Condition, have you informed the insurance company about this? *

Medical History

For Woman only

Yes I confirm that i have no reason to be believe I am pregnant. All the information I have provided is true to my knowledge. I consent to vaccines being given and understand the risk and benefits of vaccines recommended. *

Previous history of vaccines or Malaria Tablets taken