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Other Vaccines

Non-Travel Vaccine Prices

Vaccination Course Per Dose
Cervical Cancer (Guardasil) 3 Doses £165.00
Chicken Pox 2 Doses £60
Meningitis B(Bexsero) 2 Doses £110
Tick-borne encephalitis – Adult (Ticovac) 2 Doses £70
Tick-borne encephalitis – Paediatric (Ticovac) 2 Doses £65
Child Vaccination Appointments  – What to bring If you have booked an appointment with us for your child then please kindly ensure that you bring your child’s Vaccinations Records (also known as the Red Book) to your appointment. This will assist our nurses in checking your child’s vaccination history and will allow us to maintain an accurate record following your appointment with us. If you have any questions then please contact us before your appointment.