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Travel Vaccination Clinic

We are pleased to offer an affordable and convenient travel vaccination service.

Our Travel Specialist will advise you on the appropriate vaccines for your destination and will also provide malaria prophylaxis prescriptions at no additional charge, We are also registered for Yellow Fever Vaccinations

We will also advise you whether boosters are needed and the appropriate time to begin your vaccination schedule. If you have left it late, we can still help.

Please note that yellow fever must be taken at least 10 days before travelling

Why people choose us?



Kits & Accesories

Travel Health Experts

We maintain a strong relationship with the London Hospital for Tropical Diseases (HTD). Visit their website for more information.

Travel Kits and Medicines

We sell medicines such as antimalarials and antibiotics. We also provide travel kits, insect repellants, bedsheets and mosquito nets in all of our clinics.

Meet Our Team

Our Specialists Travel Advisers are all qualified to give you a sound advice on preventing and cutting down the risk factors in Travelling