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Men’s Health

Well Man Clinic

At Medic Plus Clinic, our GP’s are happy to advise upon a vast list of Men’s Health topics, from issues such as impotency, men’s general wellness screening, and the PSA test.

We regularly see men of all ages for the following:

  • Comprehensive Health Screens
  • Erectile dysfunction, (the medical term for impotence) is an extremely common condition. It is estimated that approximately fifty per cent of men between the ages of 40 and 70 will suffer with the condition to some extent.

    Put simply, erectile dysfunction is an inability or having difficulty gaining and maintaining an erection for enough time to gain satisfaction from sex.

  • This is also a very common Men’s Health issue, with our GP’s regularly advising our male patients on the matter.

    Our GP’s can also discuss and advise on other ejaculation problems, such as delayed or retrograde ejaculation, as well as any general concerns with regard to sexual performance or dysfunction, such as psychosexual anxieties.

  • Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer for men, especially those over the age of 50. At Medic Plus Clinic, we can do prostate examinations as well as PSA Tests to investigate the possibly of prostate cancer.

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At just £45 for a 15-minute Private GP consultations, with quick appointments available – for Men’s Health issues.

Common blood tests for Andropause investigation include:

Testosterone results in 4 hours £45.00
  • Testosterone

  • Male Hormone Profile results in 4 hours £149.00.20

    Includes following:

    1. FSH
    2. LH
    3. Testosterone
    4. Free Androgen Index
    5. Prolactin
    6. SHBG

    Testing, diagnosing and treatments (including testosterone) can have a big effect on men’s health and wellbeing.

    What causes erectile dysfunction?

    Erectile dysfunction can be the result of both physical and psychological causes.

    Physical causes of ED can include:

    • High blood pressure (hypertension)
    • High cholesterol
    • Diabetes
    • Surgery or injury
    • Hormonal problems

    Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction can include:

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Relationship problems


    Although it may be difficult or embarrassing to talk to your doctor about erectile dysfunction, it is important to remember that this is a very common problem and one that is more treatable today than ever before. There is no need to suffer in silence.

    Your doctor will normally be able to diagnose the cause of your erectile dysfunction after a brief consultation. The consultation will normally consist of some questions about your symptoms, some simple tests and a physical examination.

    Erectile dysfunction treatments

    Treatments for erectile dysfunction have literally moved on in leaps and bounds in the last fifteen years and more and more men are having a satisfying and issue-free sex life than ever before.

    If your doctor believes the root cause of your ED to be a narrowing of the arteries then he may suggest that you lose some weight, take some more exercise and improve your general cardiovascular health.

    You may be prescribed statins to lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and medication to treat the narrowing of the arteries.

    There are also various medications available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and MUSE are successful in majority of the patients.

    Vacuum pumps are also extremely successful. They cause blood to flow into the penis and, in about 90 per cent of cases, cause the penis to become erect. Psychological treatments for erectile dysfunction include sex counselling and cognitive behaviousral therapy.

    Treatments for ED have improved dramatically over the last few years so speak to your doctor and find out what is available for you.

    What is premature ejaculation?

    Premature ejaculation put simply, means reaching too soon during sex. Of course what is ‘too quickly’ is highly subjective, as opinion differs from person to person, but it is usually defined as coming in less than two minutes after penetration. A ‘satisfactory’ amount time before ejaculation could, perhaps, be best described as one in which both partners have had pleasure from the sexual act.

    Is there a treatment for PE?

    Yes there is. We are able to prescribe a medication that comes as a tablet, which will stop premature ejaculation. There are also other treatments available such as anaesthetic gel and condoms, which have a mild anaesthetic coating on the interior. Cognitive therapy is sometimes recommended.

    What causes premature ejaculation?

    The main causes of premature ejaculation tend to be psychological rather than physical, with nervousness about sex often cited by men suffering from the condition. This is to not say, however, that there may not be an underlying physical reason for premature ejaculation; it can be caused by an inflammation of the prostate. If you have additional symptoms to premature ejaculation you should discuss them with your doctor during your consultation.

    Are there other types of ejaculatory problems?

    Yes there are. There are two other forms of ejaculation dysfunction: retrograde and retarded ejaculation.

    Retarded ejaculation is the condition of being unable to ejaculate during sex despite wanting to.

    Retrograde ejaculation is the name of a condition in which a valve at the bladder’s base does not close properly during ejaculation and cum is forced into the bladder rather than out of the urethra. The man will have an orgasm but little, or no ejaculate will be produced from the penis making conception difficult.

    Retrograde ejaculation is uncommon and may result from problems connected with surgery or from other health issues. Treatment is dependent on the cause of the problem.

    At Private Doctor Direct we are able to prescribe medication for premature ejaculation only. If you are suffering from another form of ejaculation dysfunction we recommend that you speak to your GP.