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Hay Fever and Allergy Treatment

Hay Fever and Allergy Treatment

Hay Fever and Allergy Treatment

Allergic Rhinitis, or hayfever, effects about 15% of the population, causing many to suffer and unfortunately there is no cure! There are a number of excellent hay fever treatments which can make a huge difference to your comfort. Antihistamines, Nasal Sprays, Eye Drops and natural remedies can all help cope with the pollen. All of these can be prescribed at your consultation if needed.

Sometimes an injection for hay fever is the best option to treat particularly bad cases, which we are happy to provide if appropriate. Please read our information and consent form if you would like our help with a Hay Fever Injection:

A private consultation, including the Hayfever jab will cost just £75 and last up to 6 weeks or more!


We also provide a comprehensive range of blood tests to confirm allergies and allergens if required.

Sometimes simply treating the allergy is more practical than trying to identify exactly what you are allergic to.

Either way we will help find what’s best for your particular situation and provide the investigations and treatment options that work for you.