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Private Doctor

AT Medic Plus Clinic we have a team of GMC Registered Doctors, Nurses and HCA offering their services. You can benefit from their experience in providing discreet, friendly and high quality services. We provide wide range of treatments including Investigations and Treatment if appropriate. We can provide an appointment to suit you at your convenience to see a our Private GP.

Uniquely, the whole of your consultation and medical examination including any Blood Tests and if necessary any treatments is carried out by qualified Health Care Professionals. Our doctors are registered in UK with GMC who are working in the UK. If your condition requires a specialist appointment we can advice and refer to Consultants in a leading private healthcare providers in London OUR SERVICES SHOULD NOT BE USED IN THE EVENT OF A MEDICAL EMERGENCY. Our services are not suitable for the treatment of certain medical conditions including suspected heart attack or severe chest pain, neurological deficit or suspected stroke or seizures, severe or heavy bleeding, pregnancy related complications, severe mental health issues, severe or sudden onset of pain, major trauma on any part of the body or unrelenting high fever.

Why people choose us?

Appointments on your availability



Travel Experts

We refer with the London Hospital for Tropical Diseases (HTD) and Fit For Travel. Visit their website for more information.

Kits and Medicines

We sell medicines such as anti-Malarial, Vaccinations. We also provide travel kits, insect repellants, bedsheets and mosquito nets in all of our clinics.

Meet The Doctor

All Our Health Care Providers are qualified to give you a sound advice

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