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Welcome to Private Doctor Direct

Private Doctor Direct is based in the UK and is licensed by the Care Quality Commission. We carry out consultations for a range of treatments and then issue a prescription to our pharmacy if it is appropriate to do so.

Private Doctor Direct is here to make your life easier, whether it be for embarrassing problems or just to get a regular repeat prescription when you do not have time to see your GP.

Order before 4.00 pm Monday to Friday for Next Day Delivery.

All Consultations

  • Male
  • Hair Loss

    Hair Loss can be a traumatic experience for a man but treatment is available.

    Premature Ejaculation

    Premature Ejaculation has destroyed relationships but there is a medication that can resolve this issue.

    Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction is a common medical issue in men. You can get your treatment here.

  • Contraception

    We can prescribe your oral contraceptive pill online for next day delivery.

    Delay Your Period

    We can prescribe your oral contraceptive pill online for next day delivery.


    Cystitis is a very common infection of the bladder or urinary tract in women. It can be treated with antibiotics.

  • Smoking Cessation

    Smoking harms the lungs and cardiovascular system. Give up today before it is too late.

    Weight Loss

    Being overweight is an issue that affects many. We can help.


    Statins can be prescribed online for next day delivery.

    Tooth Infections

    Emergency antibiotics before you see a dentist.

Why people choose us

  • Registered with the Care Quality Commission
  • Only GMC registered doctors employed
  • All medication dispensed by trained pharmacists
  • Next day delivery as standard
  • Online price match policy