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Cosmetic Clinic

Cosmetic Clinic

Wrinkle Reducing Injections

Wrinkling is a prominent feature of skin ageing. Skin naturally thins and loses volume over time. Sun exposure and other extrinsic factors like pollution and smoking accelerate these changes. Overactive facial muscles also contribute to formation of visible lines and wrinkles (like frown lines in the forehead). By injecting and temporary relaxing these muscles, you can correct some wrinkles and prevent progression

Cosmetic Clinic
Dermal Fillers

Although by relaxing the facial muscles we can treat some wrinkles, some lines are already formed and do not respond to the muscle relaxing injections. These are the result of loss of supporting tissue under the skin and its laxity caused by loss of fat. By injecting fillers to the right area in face we can correct this deficit. The effect lasts for up to 16 months depending on the area and the filler used. Lips can be augmented by fillers

Cosmetic Clinic
Skincare and Bioidentical Hormones

Facial beauty and its radiance is not only affected by lines and wrinkles but more importantly by the health of your skin. By providing the right advice and treatments like skin peels you can regain and maintain this radiance. Skin, mood and actually whole body is also affected by hormonal imbalance around menopause. Ask us about Bio-Identical Hormone treatment if you suffer from peri-menopausal symptoms

Cosmetic Clinic
Aesthetic Treatments Price List
£ 30, (Redeemable against your treatment)
  • Botox 1 area – £150
  • Botox 2 areas – £220
  • Botox 3 areas – £280
  • Nefertiti Neck Lift (Jawline /Platysma Bands) – £300 (£100 if added to any of the above)
  • Botox for Excessive Sweating – £450
  • Starts from £280 for 1 ml, (Depends on the area of treatment which would be discussed in your first visit)
  • Neostrata Chemical skin peel – £70
  • Chemical skin peel course of 3 – £180
  • Chemical skin peel course of 6 – £350

If you are receiving wrinkle treatments, you will be offered a free review 2 weeks after your procedure.