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Full STD Screen

Full sexual health screen

Our comprehensive full sexual health screen package covers all of the main sexually transmitted diseases. The package includes consultation with one of specialists sexual clinician and any prescriptions you might require.

You should always consider getting tested after having unprotected sex, with a new relationship whether you have symptoms or not. In many cases, the infection is not accompanied by any symptoms until a later stage. Getting tested will allow detection of the infection at an early stage and prevent it developing into a more serious threat to your health or health of your partner.

1. When should I have a sexual health screen?

You should consider a sexual health screen if you have had unprotected sex, are starting a new relationship or are experiencing symptoms. Depending on your sexual practices, a specialist clinician might recommend a full screen and a repeat of certain tests after the appropriate window period. They might also recommend Multiplex testing for the most accurate early detection available for HIV and hepatitis B and C.

2. What tests does the full sexual health screen include?

The full sexual health screen includes HIV I & II, P24 antigen (early HIV detection), hepatitis C, hepatitis B, syphilis, herpes (where clinically indicated), chlamydia, gonorrhoea, bacterial infections, ureaplasma and mycoplasma.

3. What type of samples will be taken during the appointment?

The Phlebotomist will take a blood sample, urine sample and swabs. We can also conduct the screen without swabs but this would exclude some bacterial infections. You can discuss your options with the Health Speacialist

4. What do I need to do before being tested?

For accuracy of your results you should hold urine for 2 hours prior to the appointment. Please also inform the doctor if you have recently taken or are taking any kind of medication or antibiotics.

5. When will the results be back?

Most results take 4 to 12 working hours to come back and some bacterial infections results are back in 3 to 5 days.

6. How will I receive the results?

Our services are entirely confidential and respect your preferences. You can receive your results by telephone, email, post or collection from the clinic.

7. What is the price of the full sexual health screen?

The price of the full sexual health screen is £245. There are other sexual health packages and individual tests available which you can discuss with our team or read about on our website.